New York, New York

US Debut Recital (September 2014, New York-Merkin Concert Hall, Kaufman Music Center) 

My American Debut I will never forget. This was my maiden visit to the States, let alone New York. 
I stayed out of Manhattan for the first few days, living with friends in the leafy suburbs of Queens, preparing for the concert and battling with jet lag. Finally the day of the recital arrived and I travelled to the island.. 
I saw the majestic Empire State Building, Madison Square Gardens and all the other marvellous "giants" in real life as they were lit up by the glistening rose gold colours of the indian summer sunset. I was plunged into the frenzied world of Manhattan streets and avenues watching people of all kinds of walks of life and nationalities rush past me in every possible direction, hearing the noises and screeches, sighs and hums of the city that never sleeps. And of course seeing the famous yellow taxis, bagel shops, cafes, boutiques. Getting hit by all this fantastical NY paraphernalia literally a few hours before I had to play, somehow filled my entire being with unrestrained happiness and joy! I fell in love with Manhattan instantly and I knew there and then that the concert would be something special. 
It turned out to be a very memorable occasion with a kind and welcoming audience giving me a standing ovation at the end of the recital which I finished with my own arrangement of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue - the most Manhattan piece of music ever! 

I can not thank enough Lisa Erickson, her family and friends, my friends and supporters at Kensington Music Society for making this concert possible. Thank you to all my friends in UK, Russia, USA and all over the world who helped spread the word about this concert and all those who travelled from far away places to New York to listen to me! Finally, a very special thank you to Oliver and Judy Markson for their amazing hospitality and for their friendship and support! 


Pavel Timofeyevsky

Florence, my heart...

Italian Debut Recital (May 2015, Florence, Basilica Di San Miniato) 
The great teacher and pianist Heinrich Neuhaus once said something along the lines of: " A musician has two places he should call "home". One is where he was actually born and the other one is Italy". I completely agree. I love Italy and it was a dream come true to play there. To be able to play in one of the most beautiful and important Basilicas in Florence was beyond what I could have ever wished for. 
It was a most memorable occasion. The Basilica Di San Miniato stands a top of a hill over looking the valley which cradles the magical city of Florence. Some say it is the best view in the world. It certainly is breathtaking to say the least. 
The concert began at 9pm - the twilight of the famous Tuscan sunset. Though the venue could only hold about 200 people, more than 350 arrived. Thankfully nobody was turned away. People stood in the aisles, sat all around the piano, on the steps, reclined by the columns. The atmosphere was electric. And though I was just recovering from a bad hand injury the energy from the audience and my gratitude to them spurred me on to try and give all I could. 
I can not describe my feelings of thanks and gratitude to the wonderful Benedetta Brazzini for everything! Also, I want to thank everyone who travelled from London to hear me! I was so touched by your support. And finally I must thank everyone in Florence who helped with the concert, and a separate special thanks to Giani Ugolini for making such amazing photographs of the event! 

Pavel Timofeyevsky


China Tour with Violinist Irmina Trynkos (March 2015, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongquin, Nanjing, Guanzhou) 

This was an incredible, mind blowing two weeks of incessant travelling and performing. I loved being able to see so many places in one visit, albeit very briefly! It was a privilege to play such varied violin and piano sonata repertoire with my friend Irmina Trynkos. We brought along over 3 hours of repertoire that included so much of our favourite music (Mozart, Brahms, Grieg, Franck Debussy, Prokofiev and more). Too many impressions to mention here, but I have to talk about the architectural inventiveness of the state of the art venues that we played in; particularly the Chopstick inspired Arts Centre in Chongquin, the futuristic and resplendent Oriental Arts Centre in Shanghai and the incredible "alien spaceship landing" Guonzhou Opera House. Also, it was curious to see so many young people attend our concerts. More so than in Europe. Oh, and I have to mention the amazing food! It was as much a gourmet tour of culinary exploration as a music one. I am definitely looking forward to going back! 

Pavel Timofeyevsky