China Tour with Violinist Irmina Trynkos (March 2015, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongquin, Nanjing, Guanzhou) 

This was an incredible, mind blowing two weeks of incessant travelling and performing. I loved being able to see so many places in one visit, albeit very briefly! It was a privilege to play such varied violin and piano sonata repertoire with my friend Irmina Trynkos. We brought along over 3 hours of repertoire that included so much of our favourite music (Mozart, Brahms, Grieg, Franck Debussy, Prokofiev and more). Too many impressions to mention here, but I have to talk about the architectural inventiveness of the state of the art venues that we played in; particularly the Chopstick inspired Arts Centre in Chongquin, the futuristic and resplendent Oriental Arts Centre in Shanghai and the incredible "alien spaceship landing" Guonzhou Opera House. Also, it was curious to see so many young people attend our concerts. More so than in Europe. Oh, and I have to mention the amazing food! It was as much a gourmet tour of culinary exploration as a music one. I am definitely looking forward to going back! 

Pavel Timofeyevsky